White Blood Lancet Flat-top Safety Blood Lancet Medical Sterile 28g Flat Blood Lancet Needle

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Twist blood lancet is featuring the high test quality needle, a tri-bevel tip dramatically reduces trauma when skin is punctured. These lancets also offer universal style compatible with almost all lancing devices.

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1. Upgraded buttonhead experience classic three-section design + steel needle injection molding
2. Blood collection is more secure, with small wound and sufficient blood loss
3.Classic three-section design
4.The blood collection wound is small, the blood loss is sufficient, the needle tip is fine, smooth and sharp, the puncture fast forward needle is accurate, and the blood .
5. Collection pain is low
6. Twist cap type.
7. Reduce needle tip penetration resistance
8. Easier to penetrate the skin
9. Smaller incision allows the site to heal quicker;
10. Improved testing accuracy produces a more natural blood flow;
11. Large firing button for precise placement and easy of use;
12. Safety feature eliminates reuse;
13. Hospital - grade stainless steel Micro-blade ;
14. High speed and accurate incision glide path.


1. Beauty pick acne
2. Traditional Chinese medicine cupping bloodletting
3. Home blood sugar tests

Product advantages

1. The tip of the needle is sharp
It is made of stainless steel wire through flat grinding
Advanced tip grinding technology ensures the sharpness of the needle tip to reduce pain
2. Disposable use
Single use rejection cross infection
3. Needle proof cap
The plastic handle and protective cap are made of polystyrene, which makes it easier to use


OEM AvailableSpecification

Product name White Blood Lancet
Material High quality stainless steel needle
Holder: Medical Grade PVC
Needle length 1'', 1 1/4'', 1/ 1/2''
Gauge size 21G/23G/26G/28G/30G/31G/32G/33G
Color White
Feature Fits most standard lancing devices
Certification CE, ISO13485
Package 100pcs or 200pcs/box, 100boxes or 200boxes/carton; or in Bulk
Shelf time 5 years
Sterile Sterile by EO gas , Non-toxic , Non-pyrogen
Sample Free
OEM Available

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