Automatic Urine Bag Leakiness Test Machine

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automatic urine bag leakiness test machine adopts 7 inch touch screen,nominal specification ,set load ,print setting ,test ,uplink ,downlink ,time ,calibration,controlled by keyboard with touch on the LCD menu,the onboard prints test results

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  1. (1)the requirements :after filling the bag with colored water ,place it between plates and apply pressure to the parallel plates ,visual inspection
    (2)The reagent water absorbing material :white water absorbing material ,water supply device:its installation and dimensions are shown in figure 2,hard plate :its length and width should be larger than urine storage bag
    (3)Add colored water to the urine storage bag
    (4)Seal the inlet pipe .Air vents ,if available ,should be sealed.
    (5)Lay the water absorbing material flat ...
  2. Function Check leakness of urine bag
    Type of urine bag value Urine bag with push-pull value,cross value
    Urine bag volume 2000ml
    Tube diameter 6mm-10mm
    Urine bag size 275mm*200mm*0.12mm
    Speed 12PCS/MIN
    Capacity 6000PCS/8 HOUR

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(1)By sea About 30 days after received payment
(2)we try our best to meet you according your special requirements,please do not hesitate to tell us your special and private thoughts and requirements

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(5)The performance test and the inspection payment
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