Suture Needle Drilled Machine

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the suture needle drilled machine discloses a medical suture needle punching machine with automatic sorting device automatically ,the description introduces the suture needle belt line TT art ,with line suture needle punching machine component to a general narrative of the mechanical structure and comparison of several typical control system ,and then according to the main functions of the bonded needle punching machine implementation ,reliable and stable PLC to realize the selection function ,the requirements and main components of the electrical control system are summarized

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  1. design the mechanical part of the sewing needle drilling machine .Firstly,this introduces the working principle of the existing medical suture needle drilling machine,determines the parameters of high -speed electric spindle ,discusses the introduction of the movement of the feeding mechanism...
  2. Needle Materials 3Crl3 4Crl3 SUS303 SUS304
    Type of drill bit Hard metal
    Run speed 10000rpm-24000rpm
    hole diameter range 0.15 to 1.0mm
    Hole type Round
    Speed 12PCS/MIN
    Capacity 6000PCS/8 HOUR

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