Suture Melt Spinning Machine

Short Description:

Suture Melt Spinning Machine is applicable to verify the spinning possibility of materials with melting point below 300℃ and explore the spinning performance parameters of materials. This machine uses high temperature copper sheathing to heat and melt the polymer sample, and extrude it to be liquid trickle through the spinneret plate on condition of inert gas N2 pressure. The liquid trickle is cooled and drawn to be the nascent fiber. The nascent fiber is winded onto the winding wheel.

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Features of melt spinning machine

(1) With a see-through organic glass door, convenient for observation;(2)The feed cylinder made of thickened 316 stainless steel, making heating more uniform;
(3)The temperature of material is monitored in real time, with highest heating temperature up to 400℃, accurate controlling accuracy of ±0.5℃;
(4)Extensible structure, can add melt pump, mixing function, etc.

Materials PP,PET,PAPDO,PCL,PGCL,PDCL,PLCL etc.     otherThermoplastic materials
Yarn Type Fully Drawn Yarns (FDY)
No of Thread Lines: up to 5
Typical diameter range Typical diameter range 0.1 to 1.0mm
Yarn Cross Section Yarn Cross Section: Round, others are available
Line Speed Line Speed: to 200 m/m
Melt Capacity of extruder Melt Capacity of extruder Up to 0.5 5.0 kg polymer dependent

Warehouse Delivery Way Delivery Time

(1)By sea About 30 days after received payment

(2)we try our best to meet you according your special requirements,please do not hesitate to tell us your special and private thoughts and requirements

Our disadvantages:

(1)More experience :engaged in machinery manufacturing industry for many years,and we have first -hand production information and bring you affordable cost performance

(2)Good quality :we are a strong factory, and we have always controlled of the production process strictly to ensure the quality of products ,and we are going to be your trusted partner

(3)Professional after -sales service:professional and mature after -sales teams have always provided you with product consulting and professional services ,and our pursuit is to make you satisfied


we have 22 years of experience in high -frequency machine customization,and here is equipment customization process for your reference 

(1)understand the product and the detailed information that you have always interested in

(2)Provide custom and design scheme

(3)Sigh the contrast and pay the deposit

(4)Equipment production and function debugging

(5)The performance test and the inspection payment

(6)Operation training and start to the after-sale

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