Blood Sampling Pen Safe Pen Type Hospital Multi-sample Blood Collection Needle

Short Description:

The blood collection pen is a pen type blood collection device, which is used together with a disposable sterile blood collection needle. It is a manual ejection auxiliary blood collection device for collecting human peripheral blood samples. It has an adjustable puncture depth gear device, with needle unloading and non needle unloading devices, and several styles of transparent and opaque pen heads.

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It is mainly composed of blood collection pen cap, blood collection needle and safety helmet, blood collection needle support, pen bolt, release button, spring pull rod, etc. It has adjustable puncture depth gear device, needle unloading device and non needle unloading device, and several styles of transparent and opaque pen head.

usage method

1. Turn the knob to open the blood collection pen cap
2. Install the blood collection needle
3. Remove the needle cap and cover the pen cap
4. Pull the ejection device back
5. Adjust the depth of blood collection needle and pen, which is suitable for immediate stop and depth alignment
6. Press the firing key to make a clear sound, and then take blood
7. Remove the pen cap, insert the needle cap, pull it out by hand and throw it into the dustbin.

Scope of use

1. Beauty agency
2. Physiotherapy institution
3. Medical institutions
4. Commonly used at home

matters needing attention

1. Please use the product within the service life of the product
2. Do not leave the blood collection needle in the blood collection pen after use
3. This product has no therapeutic and diagnostic effects
4. For the supplies of medical devices, please read the product manual carefully or purchase and use them under the guidance of medical personnel
See the instructions for taboo contents or precautions.

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