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This product is PGLA(glycolide-co-l-lactide)[Glacomer91]braided, which is lactide B, lactide C copolymer ratio of the polymer required, spinning, stretching, weaving, coating made of the processes. This absorbable suture have good biocompatibility, no organized response to the human body, high-strength, elongation moderate, no toxicity and no stimulation, good flexibility and degradation (degradation products of carbon dioxide and water).

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The name of product  PGLA(glycolide-co-l-lactide)[Glacomer91]braided
Suture length 45cm,60cm,75cm,100cm,125cm,150cm
Needle length 6mm,8mm,12mm,18mm,22mm,30mm,35mm,40mm,50mm
Needle point type Taper,cutting,reverse cutting,blunt points,spatula points
Suture types absorbable
usage surgical



Key points: the most commonly used suture method is that the needle passes through the skin, through the epidermis and dermis, and through the subcutaneous tissue to cross the incision to the opposite skin. Each stitch is tied separately. Application: it is generally used for the suture of skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, fascia, peritoneum and other tissues, especially for the suture of infected wounds or wounds that may be infected, which is convenient for timely suture removal and drainage without affecting adjacent sutures.

Product Features:

Advantages:the operation is simple and rapid, and the tension of the suture can be adjusted according to the conditions of different wound margins during suture, which has little impact on the blood circulation of the wound margins.


1Suture according to the layers, such as the peritoneal layer, the posterior sheath of rectus abdominis, the anterior sheath of rectus abdominis, subcutaneous tissue and skin layer.

2Knot should not be too tight in the process of sewing, so as to avoid local cutting and damage.

3Stop bleeding thoroughly to prevent the formation of hematoma. When suturing subcutaneous tissue, clean the wound and replace gloves

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