poly- dioxane cyclohexanone (PDO)

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The suture thread is made of poly- dioxane cyclohexanone (PDO) material ,which has good mechanical strength and chemical stability, biocompatibility and safety, biodegradable and easier to process advantages. PDO is absorbable suture material from poly dioxane cyclohexanone spinning silk from the structure of a single-absorbable suture , is currently the only offer support for the longest time absorbable suture wounds, surgical suture material in the field of new products.

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Product description

The name of product  poly- dioxane cyclohexanone (PDO)
Suture length 45cm,60cm,75cm,100cm,125cm,150cm
Needle length 6mm,8mm,12mm,18mm,22mm,30mm,35mm,40mm,50mm
Needle point type Taper,cutting,reverse cutting,blunt points,spatula points
Suture types absorbable
usage surgical

Usage: the most commonly used suture method is that the needle passes through the skin, through the epidermis and dermis, and through the subcutaneous tissue to cross the incision to the opposite skin. Each stitch is tied separately. Application: it is generally used for the suture of skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, fascia, peritoneum and other tissues, especially for the suture of infected wounds or wounds that may be infected, which is convenient for timely suture removal and drainage without affecting adjacent sutures.

Product Features

● Single circular structure with a smooth surface. braided absorbable suture overcome the friction coefficient and surface factors easily lead to injury when the suture shortcomings; Penetrating strong, and can penetrate smooth, accurate alignment of cooperation, not to cause damage. The technology is most suitable for surgical suture.

● Monofilament suture materials in the structure of the shelter to avoid the bacteria and eliminate the chances of infection caused by suture, catabolic have antimicrobial, wound healing smooth softness.

● Excellent strength and toughness and tensile strength, for a long time the support to the wound. In other organizations to maintain the strength of absorbable suture than doubled. After surgery remain around 50% of the original strength, is safe and effective. This characteristic is most appropriate for the slower healing suture, such as fascia closure, orthopedic, abdominal suture and diabetic patients, cancer patients, patients with obesity surgery.

● Compatibility, tissue reaction minor wounds and sutures to close cooperation, there is no reaction. through absorption and degradation, within 180 days after the body was completely absorbed, and broke them down into carbon dioxide and water from the body. safe and reliable.

● New monofilament synthetic absorbable suture can be widely used in surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, The types of plastic surgery and ophthalmic surgical suture ligation.

The specifications of sutures are chosen according to the standard of USP24 and EP97. The main specification of thread used for suture needle with thread that our company produced include 9 kinds from USP sizes 7/0(0.5 metric) to 2# (5 metric) etc.


1、 Suture according to the layers, such as the peritoneal layer, the posterior sheath of rectus abdominis, the anterior sheath of rectus abdominis, subcutaneous tissue and skin layer.

2、 Knot should not be too tight in the process of sewing, so as to avoid local cutting and damage.

3、 Stop bleeding thoroughly to prevent the formation of hematoma. When suturing subcutaneous tissue, clean the wound and replace gloves.

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