Medical Safety Venous Blood Sample Collection Pen Type Needle For Labs

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Close partner of family and individual blood glucose detection
Starting from the experience of Tangyou, create a higher quality blood collection pen.
Adjustable medical blood collection pen (simple operation, adjustable depth)

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Product features

1. The pain is slight, and the depth of blood collection acupuncture can be adjusted to greatly reduce the pain of blood collection.
2. The operation is simple, convenient and fast. It is suitable for fingertip blood collection.
3. Factory customization is specialized in the medical industry, and the product quality assurance is trustworthy.

usage method

1. Open the protective cap of blood collection needle
2. Insert the blood collection needle into the blood collection pen
3. After use, insert the tip of the blood sampling needle into the protective cap and discard it in the fertilizer barrel.
It can be equipped with multi position blood collection pen head (AST head), and ask our personnel for details
Multi site blood collection scheme (AST) refers to taking blood from other parts except fingertips, such as palm, upper arm, forearm, etc. Multi site blood collection usually collects less blood samples than normal fingertip blood collection, which is only applicable to a few blood glucose meters that can support multi site blood samples. Therefore, before attempting multi site blood collection, please refer to the instructions of blood glucose meters and consult the doctor's advice.

Precautions for blood collection pen

1. One pen for each person. The blood collection pen is only for personal use and cannot be shared by more than one person.
2. Use disposable blood collection needles. In order to avoid infection, be sure to use unused blood collection needles every time you take blood.
3. Timely disinfection can use alcohol cotton to wipe and disinfect the blood collection pen and the inside of the pen cap.

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