Disposable 2000ml Urine Bag Medical Transparent Drainage Collection Bag

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The main role is to connect the drainage bag in the drainage tube, mainly continues the flow of fluid in the drainage tube, and can observe the color and the quantity of drainage, drainage of liquid, according to different patients after the operation, drainage of liquid nature and quantity, to analyze the abdominal cavity of the patient or are there any condition after the operation change, presence of complications, and so on.

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Non-return design different thickness screw valve urine urinate bag
1. Make of 100%  medical grade PVC
2. Provision of four eye -holes of efficient aspiration
3. Size: 1000ml,1500ml.2000ml

Product Type: Medical Device Disposable Urine Drainage Bag
Material: Medical Grade PVC
OEM/ODM: OEM for customized
Capacity: 1500ml/2000ml
Usage: Collection urine
MOQ: 10000PCS
Caution: 1.Disposable urine bag is used for draining the body liquid or urine accompanied with the disposable catheter
2.Sterile,do not use if the packing is damaged or open
3.For single use only, Prohibited to re-use
4.Store under shady,cool,dry,ventilated and clean condtion
Other information: 1.With T valve/pull push valve/screwed valve/lever tap2. With plastic hangers
3. With sampling port
4. Bag thickness: 150um-200um
5. Tube diameter:10mm
6. Tube Length: 90cm
7. With no return valve
8. With blister bag for single package.
Package 250pcs/carton


1. Wash your hands before use, take out the drainage bag inside the bag, and flatten the bag body, especially the entrance of the bag body.

2. Close the discharge switch of the liquid storage bag, remove the connector cap, and connect the introduction tube to the drainage catheter.

3. Open the inlet tube switch to observe whether the liquid enters the bag body and collect the viscous substance or the body fluid with more blood clots, which may occur The input port is blocked. Please pay close attention to the smoothness of drainage. After the body fluid enters the storage bag, the drainage bag can be suspended, paying attention to the hanging position Lower than the drainage site.

4. When emptying body fluids, the discharge valve should be first put into the urinal or an appropriate container, and then open the discharge switch. After the female top, the discharge switch should be immediately closed. When disconnecting the connection at the joint, the bag body should be removed. Choke valve on upper input tube closed.

Product features

Double strap design, more convenient to fix

Flexible catheter, anti-kink, flexible catheter, anti-kink, to ensure urine flow

Simple and convenient, to meet the needs of sick in bed

1500ml large capacity bag body

Built-in anti-reflux valve design prevents urine backflow and reduces the risk of infection

Bag body calibration is clear and easy to observe

Discharge valve design, easy to operate with one hand


1. Please check the package before use. If it is damaged, do not use it.

2. Please handle the product according to relevant regulations after use and pay attention to environmental protection.

3. Product recommendations -- secondary use.

5. The shelf life of the product is three years.


This product is used to extract and collect internal fluids externally.

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